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This video is crazy. It sums up the basics as well as some pretty hardcore thorough PPC instruction. Definitely worth a look see.

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Jamie Lewis Interviews Noob in driveway
Nice, but strange
By Jamie Lewis on May 14, 2013 2:43 am
Poor Paul showed up at the door wondering if I was real or not. Read here

Here are some basics:

Jamie Lewis internet marketing basics

Here's some more:

This diagram shows how to build a website based on a popular keyword. For instance, the domain I bought, "good dog training" is based EXACTLY on the keyword "Good dog training product" which people actually search for, ALOT.

Therefore, the actual domain name based on the keyword is instantly more valuable than $10 (The usual amount you pay for a .com)

Here are the full visual instructions:

Jamie Lewis business models

A quick note to my Internet Marketing fans that think my class is a casino..

It's not. And if you just go from casino to casino hoping to get lucky, that ain't healthy man.

I'm talking about the vision, the invention, the preparation, the manufacturing, the promotion and the customer service.

The hundred million dollar a year thing.

So this isn't like a casino where you'll get lucky and have joined "the right pyramid scheme." Get real with yourself. Be legit.

Do one thing BIG then do the next. Look at the overall big picture.

Build something, a serious business where you have thousands of clients, who really like what you do.

Do that too. Or don't do it at all.

Badass Digital Product Blueprint

And evergreen product sells itself, all year long from help from a marketplace like Clickbank or Amazon. This model differs from launched based marketing, where the offer does great the first month and then falls "out of season."

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