This is the ultimate full disclosure of events
that launched my multi-million dollar music business

I am going to share with you right now how I made a whole shitload of money online. If I die tomorrow from smoking you'll have the full story.

This article is more in depth than most ebooks on the subject, so listen up. I'm not selling anything on this page and my brand "Jamie Lewis" is not for profit.

There is more absurd marketing info on this page than the 15 gigs of files on so if you are interested in making millions of dollars online, listen up 'cause I got the goods.

You can consider this page my bio as well as the complete internet capitalist manifesto and I'm not looking for a pulitzer prize, just taunting some gurus I know;

In fact, I've got news for any Guru who wants to act snotty.. If the only niche you have ever sold is MMO please stand up!


I was Clickbank top 100 in 2007. I didn't teach online business until 2009 after earning that privilege for 10 years in computer arts and then 5 years in Internet marketing, so if you are a guru or "black hat marketer" bring your BIO or get lost.

Enjoy your ass kicking by reading below.

If you are a GURU, you most likely lost the minute you typed "SonicProducer" into Google and saw the 630,000 results... and that isn't even the best thing I've done or made money with.

For my readers... I am speaking to the slippery anonymous marketing scammers, the blackhats, or the many trolls at blackhatworld. I sure hope you enjoy this page and get something out of it because this is happening right now.


I basically built and which collectively grossed a few million dollars, and then I launched many other sites... some I am ultra proud of, and others that I wish I never created.

Im not writing all this to toot my own horn or brag, and you'll see why I have no need to do this for that reason. Im trying to help you with some awesome online business strategies without you having to pay some scammer $35,000 to "coach" you. Fuck em!

See, alot of other business people and gurus never open their mouth like this because then their coaching would be obsolete (or whatever you call it) and therefore you really never get this side to the story or the truth to how to make it online. I truly believe (and I think you do too) that the reason no one explains it for free is because their bio is not very impressive and wouldn't help anyone sell anything.

But on the other hand, no one else is going to do it for you, so posting an "autoblog" on a facebook page and then sitting there waiting will not do anything for you. Self responsibility is the most important thing.

This is a story of someone who is mega proud of alot of hard work, and I hope it inspires other people to create something really cool on the Internet.

I know alot of people have been asking me to share my story in this way for years which I haven't really made public to the extent that you will see on this page for the first time.

I feel personally that it is super duper important to tell you a little something, as of course the way I did it was pretty cool and some of the tactics to get paid were super easy; Heck, you'll probably dig it and want to try some of these philosophies and techniques with your business.

To create a website and have it blow up into a million dollar business you need to really love doing it. It's the same thing as showbiz. If you love doing it, then you can get big quick. It doesn't matter if you're a young kid or someone with an MBA. Whatever you love doing, you can monetize it, and that's what this page is about.

By the looks of all of the "How Jamie Got Rich Marketing" posts and all that Internet Marketing crap all over the Internet, you would never know that more than $2,000,000 in gross sales came from my musical endeavors.

And if you were to further break down the figure you would see the content devices and business models are exactly the same as the ones I used before the Internet came along.

As you probably already know, business is about the three P's. Product, Placement and Price.

Without the Internet, how does an artist distribute? How do you process payments? Ever heard the term "starving artist?" That term should not exist anymore.

See I always had products and services.. I created and taught music all my life but could not make much money doing it because I had no distribution, no affiliates, no payment processing or storefront.

So when I got my first Internet connection I was able to finally solve those challenges. And soon after I began to make an amazing amount of money selling my music that I produced, video instruction of myself producing music, teaching drum lessons, guitar lessons, photography, domain names and information with the only difference being it was all digitized and selling on autopilot using the Internet as a medium.

How it's done...

When someone asks me how to "Get rich online" I tell them to produce themselves.

Different people do different things, so do what you are familiar with, whether you are an affiliate marketer and sell products online for commission, or you write your own book and it sells on Kindle, It helps to spend time in niches you are an expert in and never try to fake it.

However if you stumble across a traffic opportunity or some type of competitive advantage, you may want to jump on it even if you are unfamiliar with the content. You will need to spend some time in that case getting familiar with the new endeavor you are embarking on.

I know what you may be thinking; I don't have any specialties, Im not an artist, I have no content. Then you are an opportunistic marketer, which is fine if done ethically.

The vendor and affiliate model are polar opposites that require different protocols. I ended up having success as a vendor first, then because of this success I learned all about how to successfully run the affiliate model.

So if you are looking to learn more about marketing, I think this post may be a real eye opener to those who keep buying the products and get chronic information overload. It's really quite simple.

I mean, usually the topic of interest on these Interwebs is stuff we don't really need to talk about. "Jamie, how do you make money online," that is an easy answer and I think most people already know the answer: Make a SPLASH.

And then of course there is the.. "Jamie, your an asshole," etc. I love the hate, it gives me fuel to do much more. And to my fans, I appreciate the love.

So, first off, let's get the "How to make money online" question out of the way. I use the Internet to advertise my websites and affiliate promotions. Make sense?

Jamie Lewis and Dennis Decambre

So let me break down how it got started...

Before I begin the marathon timeline of timelines, let me quickly disclose something important!

I will try my best to include all the little details, Ill try my darned hardest to throw you some gems...

And throughout the years there was all sorts of absurdly easy stuff I used to do to make money before I got fat & lazy. (Well I didn't really get fat though) But I may not be able to remember the exact url's and stuff. There was just so much stuff I tried and did, in fact so much that after doing 400 hours of instructional webinars I'm still talking. I recommend you do your own research and use my parameters. However with that being said, I think you'll see I'm trying pretty hard to explain the little details and settings regarding the Adwords accounts & all that. Ok?

And one last thing.. Im rounding out numbers alot in this article from memory, for instance if something I did made me $367.35 I might mention $350 or $400 from memory or average. For instance, my ten million in gross sales although based on actual figures represents total gross earnings my entire time online since 2004 and is rounded out and estimated since the year has not ended yet.

Let's talk about the timeline. This was my very first ecommerce website here:

Best Beats Online Dot Com! A place to buy original hip hop beats made by Jamie Lewis or my stage name "Nebula."

First off, it was a big flop in my opinion, but it was a necessary step I had to take in killing the beats market.

I had to see how much people did NOT want to spend $5 to $50 a beat. I hear that. I wouldn't want to spend $50.00 a beat either.

People don't want to license beats when they can just download the free available ones off soundclick.

So as you will see I needed to go back to the drawing board and recalibrate which once accomplished would serve as a foundation for alot of very successful Internet projects.

This is how it started... The year was 2004. I had just recently been fired from Elias Arts, NYC which was basically the snobbiest music house (Where they created music for commercials) in the world.

I had been working there a month when they gave me the boot, I guess because I was showing alot of contempt having to work in the dub room. I was a composer who was already working freelance in NYC and winning bids for major commercials being able to write, perform and produce music in an extraordinarily short amount of time, usually anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

That's what I am good at, and one of the only things I was good at, besides other related skills like photoshop to create album covers and final cut pro to produce music videos.

My entire family consists of classical musicians with record deals and perform concerts all over the world including venues like Carnegie Hall and others so naturally, I sucked at sports as a kid but was a natural at the arts.

I grew edgy and hostile since I didn't really like doing dirty work for other shittier composers, and had a subliminal resentment so although these people at Elias were incredibly arrogant, elitist and abusive, I take responsibility that I failed their "hazing" period.

Before I was hired at Elias, I worked at Sam Ash, NYC in Times Square in 2003.

The job was "a job" but I made some awesome homies and I met a ton of producers like RZA, Irv Gotti and DJ Clue that I had admired. One day, the phone rang in the store and I picked it up, as usual.

On the other end was a dude who was asking me if we had a certain keyboard in stock.

I told him "sure, come on down!" See, we always had the thing in stock and I felt I didn't need to look at inventory.

I asked his name and he said "I'm Jim." And I told him to ask for Jamie when he got there. Everything went to shit when Jimmy Fallon walked in, I quickly found out this was "Jim" and I didn't have it in stock. We got in an argument and to this day when I see Jimmy on the TV I remember that retarded day.

I had created a "reel" consisting of a claymation short film where clay figures storm the record label offices and kill the executives. I mailed a few dozen copies to all the music houses and heard back from a few of them as they were really impressed. One of the music houses asked me to come in for an Interview, it was a smaller music house named Ant music, run by this guy Anthony.

I travelled into the city from my apartment in Queens on the N train and picked up a fruit salad on the way. I did the interview eating fruit salad.

They told me they loved my reel and they wanted me to produce some freelance style for them.

Anthony called me a month later and asked me to produce a Wendy's commercial.

You basically were paid $300.00 for the "Demo" and then your piece of music is put in a pool to be chosen by advertising agencies.

So the producer, Chuck told me to combine a "Rocky" feel with a techno pop sound because the video was a big girl on a treadmill that falls off. (I never saw the video) I never "won" this job, so I only made $300, but they really liked what I did.

Anthony told me that I would be working for them alot more. Their producer Chuck was a great guy and was going to be in touch with me that week.

The gigs kept coming, and realistically I was making $300 a week from this in addition to my $200 a week from Sam Ash, until I did a Pantene commercial and I actually won! They wrote me a fat check for $2000.00 and I had never seen that much money in my entire life. I was hooked!

I was soaking wet from pouring rain during my final interview at Elias where I knocked it out of the park, so then about a month later, I got the call one day while working at Sam Ash.

All my friends at Sam Ash were HATING when I got the call from Elias that day. It was right before Christmas time since I guess they wanted to start the year off with a new Dub Room guy, and they offered me $35,000 a year.

When Elias hired me I think it made Anthony a little jealous or something, but I told him we would stay in touch.

I began working at Elias and the atmosphere was very strange and manipulative. I would be given contradicting tasks all the time as a prank and it pissed me off that the other composers sucked really bad. Heck, Ant Music loved me so why was I in a Dub Room? But I fell for the elitism and respected their brand for some reason even though their music sounded like bad porno music.

So towards the end of my month at Elias, a big job for a Mastercard "priceless" spot came in and I left early the night before the ad agency was going to be listening to our finished work without finishing the dub.

The next morning I came in and they needed the dub, I told them it wasnt done yet. They had a flippin cow and brought me into one of the studios, the creative director holding a piece of paper in his hand. This piece of paper simply stated they were terminating me and he wanted me to sign on tha dotted line!

This was the world I had been living in. I was so hard working, I was so obsessed, disciplined and companies like Ant Music who actually gave me a chance to be myself, knew this. Immediately after being fired I literally walked across the street to Ant Music and busted in on them, telling them how upset I was. They laughed when I told them I messed up the Mastercard spot and told me Elias was pissed because one of Ant Music's composers landed the spot.

They had submitted their reel faster and they were awarded the job because I messed up. (Well this was at least how Elias made it sound.) I could have probably gotten in huge trouble if they knew I worked for Ant Music at the same time.
But I knew that Ant Music wasn't the only outlet that would allow me to be myself and do what I am good at. The way these companies worked wasn't "the best man for the job," it was "wait in line, risk getting fired if you don't get along with someone at the company" and even after years of working for them you are writing music and never given credit for it.

I was devastated when they fired me, because I had been waiting in line for over a year for the job and if I couldn't work my "dream job" what was I to do?

I built the BBO website after asking my friend Donald Heller for help learning HTML and everything. I had driven up to CT where he lives, studied with him for two hours and took notes. I got home and tried building a website and created my first page that night. I was ready to take over the world.

Something that amazed me was that every page on the site is basically the one page you designed but just duplicated. I.E: Your template! And then your links just link all of them together. See! I told you I was street! Easy to learn from right?

I told my father that I wanted to incorporate and have him as a vice president of my new company. I incorporated online and then we decided to hire a lawyer to look everything over. So my father went online looking for an attorney in the New York area and the first result that came up was Chris Hoyt, NYC.

Chris's office was at the top of the Empire State Building so we drove into Manhattan together in my father's car and met with him.

We knew we were going to be selling tons of music online as I had around 500 pieces of music produced in the past 3 years.

Chris did a company name change for us and we ate in the restaurant below to "celebrate" as my dad called it.

And little did I know Chris would become a good friend of mine and the attorney that I always go to first, before my other three attorneys.

You want to know something really funny? All of my attorneys first names start with the letter "C" for some reason.

Chris, Claude, Clarke and Carl. I swear!

So there we were. Trying to start an Entertainment business again. My dad is a very left leaning socialist pretty much but a GENIUS.

He is a professor at a University just like my mother too and I wouldn't call him an Entrepreneur, rather a leader of groups.

Around a year later me & my father got into a big fight over something and we decided for me to continue with the company myself only.

So anyhow, after learning how to create a website, I created the template, the graphics and hired someone off Scriptlance to do the little preview buttons that allowed people to sample my music.

I then went searching for a payment processor and that's when I found "MediaPal."

They put themselves out as a "solution to process payments and track downloads" which I had been wondering how to do for a long time.

To tell you the truth, once the site was up I can't remember if I advertised it at all. I thought the traffic will just find your site, and to be honest, I hadn't read "Google Cash" yet which was basically my lesson in advertising which would later spark a huge fire and what I refer to as the great beat monopoly of 2005.

First off, I sold one $300 beat exclusively, a couple $50.00 non exclusives and I thought that was cool, but obviously not alot to live on.

Around the same time, since I was unemployed, I did a search for "work at home" opportunities and of course I joined a bunch of bullshit programs like "paid surveys online."

I wasted a few days signing up to 200 survey opportunities, which the Survey program's instructions had told me to do and I began to vigilantly check my inbox.

Tons of spammy looking survey opportunities flooded my inbox and I would begin filling them out.

Everytime I did something would go wrong, like I was "ineligible" or something so I gave up at Surveys.

The next program I bought was "Google cash" written by a dude named Chris Carpenter and this one was interesting.

It talked all about using adwords to promote Clickbank and Commission Junction offers.

I'll tell you, I didn't even know what an "ebook" was before reading the "google cash" ebook.

Aside from learning all about affiliate marketing and google adwords advertising from this ebook, I learned to make your own ebook was simple, you write a book with Microsoft word and print it as a PDF file. Voila.. Your ebook.

But really, all I needed to read was how you could get paid commissions for selling other people's stuff and I was hooked.

Ah, yes, Clickbank.. "That processor I had found a few days earlier that seemed to simple" for what I wanted to do. LOL

I then also signed up for etrade to trade stocks, a account to trade currency and an Ebay account as well.

I was basically taking shit into my own hands. I didn't know what was going to work, and in hindsight, none of it worked!

I was the one who worked!

And now when I look back I made a ton of money using Ebay and some money with Etrade too but that fell apart quick if you know what I mean, especially after 2008.

But seriously, I stopped buying products and ebooks in 2005 after wasting a week on the surveys, only to get spammed out the ass. Even though in the beginning I did suffer from the "the ebook will make me the money" syndrome, but I stopped thinking that other people could do things for me or at least knew this but didn't want to believe it.

I was pretty stubborn with that and continued to learn the lesson over & over again that I am the only one that can really make things happen.

Nevertheless, I came up with the idea to put a new beats website on Clickbank, but this one would HAVE to be much different as they didn't have a shopping cart. (Media Pal did) But a month went by and my $450.00 in earnings was sitting in MediaPal and they never paid me.

I learned the hard way that networks rip you off.

I didn't even know about PayPal yet and my initial inquiries online looking for processors scared me since I misunderstood that alot of big name payment platforms like CCBill charge $800 for adult content because of Visa and Mastercard regs. (Or something) I didn't have any adult content but thought this applied to me. So when I joined Clickbank, the decision was really made because it only cost $50 for a vendor account and this seemed like a deal. Retarded right?

So since Clickbank didn't have a shopping cart and I didn't know how to code, it was almost like I was in some way forced to sell all of my beats as a package that would later make me a million dollars.

Now I built the new website in a couple of days, and I priced it at $15.00 for 300 or so beats.

My front page or "index" contained around 30 previews of my best beats. If you liked what you heard, there was information at the bottom of the page regarding how much I was selling the package for and the process of purchasing, basically the "call to action."

The buy it now button would sell product #2 in my clickbank account, which gave paying customers the members area, where they could download all of my instrumentals. The instrumentals were in MP3 format, and a user could download all 300 beats in about 10 minutes with a high speed connection.

It was around October 2004, and I now had read about Google adwords for advertising, tried it promoting clickbank offers, I had gotten my first sale, broke even on advertising fees, nothing glamorous, but that was not the only endeavor on my mind. I wanted to crack the "vendor" code.

So "Beats365" was born.

Now with a few hits from Google adwords, I started to get sales very easily. Of course everyone wanted a whole bunch of beats for $15.00. I now had an autopilot business online.

Remember, prior to creating the package, even with traffic I think I only sold two or three single beats.

If someone bought my package, I would get around $12.50 after Clickbank fees. So with my PPC campaign selling 3 packages for every 100 visitors (at $0.05 a click) it cost me $5.00 to make $12.00 times 3. I could get 200 clicks a day so I was very excited. This was a 1 page site that was making me $60.00+ a day out of nowhere.

The niche was very uncompetitive. Sure there were networks like Soundclick where there were people selling beats, but most of the actual sites that sold beats did not use adwords, and did not know about affiliate programs or my new model, so the result was that no one was bidding on my terms.

My terms were "rap beats," "rap instrumentals," "hip hop beats" and "hip hop instrumentals." It felt like it was too good to be true. There were competitors that had all their ducks in a row, and were run by famous producers, but I guess they hadn't read ebooks on marketing or something as they were entirely confident only in their production abilities which doesn't get you far in a competitive environment.

One day I looked into the account and I saw a few transactions for product #2 but the amount I made was $5.71 and I was pissed! I looked a little closer and I saw that these sales were made by Clickbank affiliates that had found my site on the marketplace and chose to promote my product. Everyday now there were four or five $5.71 sales and I felt like I was being ripped off.

My account was set to 50% commissions and so I dropped the commission to 20%. The $5.71 sales ceased after a couple of days.

After a week or so, my weekly earnings had a dip since I killed my affiliates. I wasn't making as much.

I looked a little closer at the marketplace and other offers and in doing so I came across my site in the marketplace. It said I had 5 gravity. "gravity" represented the number of affiliates I had.

Other sites on the marketplace had 350 gravity and I had 5 so I figured, affiliates might be a good thing! I thought to myself, "Maybe I will gain more affiliates." I also noticed that all of the other sites on the marketplace had 50% or more with most of the sites all the way up to 75%

So I put my affiliate commission at 70% since I had nothing to lose. I was the only beats365 affiliate at this point.

I started getting sales from affiliates again.

I learned that it is better to be generous, and the word spreads fast and the rewards outweigh the results if you have an insular philosophy.

So I kept making beats that were really good until I had around 1000 of them. I then had so many different genres, I revamped the entire site so that you could preview some of the best beats I had by genre.

Later on, I raised the price to $34.95 and rode with that for a few years until dropping the price to $29.95. As I will explain in the next few paragraphs, I started promoting a database offer for autos that had a "teaser search" for make & models and I adopted this idea and implemented it with my beats site. As soon as I did that, My $60 a day turned into $100 to $300 a day with Beats365.

Yes, that is the way Clickbank bars looked back then. :D

Now I don't know if you do beats, but this proved to be an insane model. A couple other people started doing the same, and created similar type offers on Clickbank for their music. The funny thing was they all pretended like they didn't outright jack my templates, formatting, and even the language I used.

I didn't mind as long as long as they were good to work with on the marketplace and didn't talk shit about my stuff.

Although yes of course Ive seen alot of dirty ass wannabees go anon and try that shit. Man, the things I could tell you. Ok, here's one..

One cat on Soundclick thought it would be funny to do a whole diss theme with one of my tracks. He took one of my beats and rapped over it dissing Beats365 and put it on his soundclick. He had like 100,000 plays or something which was pretty decent. So here he is, takes one of my tracks and then raps lyrics over it like "Don't go to Beats365, buy my shit, Beats365 is bullshit, etc" which would have been fair game, except he was using my copyrighted beats and making things worse, being a bad competitor.

So I emailed Soundclick and told them "yo, you got this asshole doing this & that." They kicked him off right away. Immediately after they banned his account I registered to soundclick and when you do, Soundclick asks you what username you want. I chose this guy's username.

Now this kid had been promoting the hell out of his soundclick address, I can't remember the exact URL but let's say it was "bigbeats." So, now I owned the "bigbeats" soundclick account and he didn't.

Jamie lewis gets mad sometimes

I posted a picture of a big hairy cock and gay pride theme along with some really bad beats on the poor kid's soundclick page.

All these kids and friends of his were LOL'ing and leaving comments like wtf?

Well let's say the guy wasn't so happy when he got home from school. In fact, he was crying to me, messaging me over & over again via AIM, yep he knew it was the same dude who pleaded with him the day before to not use his stuff that way.

Although he was a certified walking penis, I felt bad so gave it back to the kid. I've always been like that. I stick it in but I pull out when you squirm, I don't like to see people in pain. The kid told me he wouldn't ever fuck with me again.

I was also using soundclick to market test my beats. It was a great tool. I would upload a beat and if it hit the top 50 I would use that one as a preview, a couple even reached the top 10 on Soundclick and those beats I used on the front page on autoplay. In doing this, my conversion rates soared and I saw more & more sales come in from the same affiliate.

Affiliates were emailing me constantly asking me to add their conversion tracking to my "thank you" page. The reason they asked me to do this was so they will get a measurement in their accounts that explains which keywords were working for them, and which ones weren't and needed to be paused or deleted. After a couple months, my thank you page code had 30 or so conversion tracking codes in the source code.

I started promoting Beats365 from my Soundclick and one of my beats "club banga 349" hit number #8 on the Soundclick charts. I had woken up to my aim going off every 5 seconds with someone telling me my beats are dope etc. This dude "Gravity" a rapper who had rocked the charts at Soundclick over & over again was messaging me on my Aim and I was happy to be speaking with him since he rocks!

I told him about what I was doing with Beats365 and asked him if he wanted to be an affiliate. Right away he was down, I signed him up to clickbank and he put a banner up on his soundclick. Gravity started making 3 to 4 sales a day from the site.

My Beats website was now kicking ass and I was making $1500 to $2000 a week. The refund rate was less than 5% so the Clickbank Paychecks were amazing. The best thing about it was Clickbank actually sent me the checks unlike MediaPal.

So by now a year later, in 2005, my friend Jesse Brooks, who I had known since 1997 when he answered my ad (in the Village Voice for Metal Guitarist) came out to see me where I lived in Astoria, Queens.

We were chillin' out and he asked if he could use my computer to post for jobs. He went to a popular website that I hadn't yet known about and started to post stuff.

A lightbulb went off in my head. I needed to start promoting Clickbank offers using this website. And so the next day I started and it worked! Sure enough, I was able to get sales from it and get them for free!

Every morning I would check my email and help out my customers if they needed help downloading all of my tracks, then after that I would go to the website Jesse showed me and post in 12 major cities promoting the database offer. I would consistently make a couple hundred dollars a day.

Now this didn't work forever because a competitor was knocking my ads down, and I told my friend Tyler about it who started doing it too, making it harder for me, inevitably wrecking our friendship. But one thing it did for me was show me that the affiliate thing was real and the time I spend looking for traffic is time well spent.

I also created my own database offer like the one I was promoting which was basically like a digital yellow pages for auctions in 50 states. Back in 2005 they were very popular.

I started getting affiliates for this as well and then one morning woke up to $300 already in my Clickbank account. There was all of a sudden one affiliate doing all the selling. The next day the guy contacted me on AIM, introduced himself and told me he was very happy with the way my website performed and therefore was going to continue promoting it everyday.

Sure enough, even a month later he was still promoting it.

This is when I took that same website model and redid Beats365 the same way with many different pages for each Genre. The site took off like a rocket.

All of my friends were in disbelief and I was hooked. There was no way I was ever going to work for someone again, even if my site failed and didn't work anymore for some reason. I would find a way the same way I had done so far.

At this point I was getting all sorts of ideas to sell my intellectual property, especially music. I wanted to of course start producing kids music, relaxing music, stock music, original ringtones, I wanted to write books on how to make beats and how to do what I was doing. After work I would watch a movie with my girlfriend, but I wouldn't pay attention to the movie because I was writing a list that looked like this:

Beats365 $300 a day
Stockmusic $300 a day
Kids Music $300 a day
Ebook on music business $300 a day
How to play guitar $300 a day

See, now that I had an autopilot business, I was going to "rinse & repeat."

I was basically "daydreaming."

All of these topics were enough projects for another two years.

And this is exactly what I did. I created, musicmasterpro (How to produce beats) instrumentmaster and guitarhotshot.

I was now making $3500 a week with 6 offers on Clickbank.

See all of these sites were basically my original music for sale, video recordings of me teaching guitar or drums, or production on video for hours on end, so it was basically the same thing I had been doing since I was 16 years old, ten years before this.

I had taught rock band at the Mead School in Stamford, CT a few years before all this, when I was 23 and I loved doing it, but unfortunately my creative passion did not allow me to really keep these types of jobs. The next school year I didn't pursue the gig again.

I was learning so much everyday about marketing, advertising, keywords, niches and through trial and error I was able to rule out methods and myths that most of the scammers had left me believing.

And of course I was equally as hungry to do affiliate marketing, not just publishing my music and music techniques. So I started promoting other offers for commission using the sites that Jesse had shown me that I had found that worked, and plugging along with Adwords but not having as much success with it since I hadn't found the secret quite yet.

One huge eye opener was the day I went on Ebay and I saw they had a "Sites for sale" area. When you stumble on things like this a lightbulb goes off in your head. Well at least for me, since I had developed this skill of creating so many niche sites so quickly, this was a big lightbulb.

So I put my car auctions website on Ebay for sale and a week later it sold for $18,000.

Now as soon as the site sold, I noticed a thread on this website, appear on google for the brand name of my database site. I looked closer and there were a bunch of people talking smack about my auction and saying it was fake, the money was fake, the buyer was fake, all this & that. Basically jealous affiliate marketers I would imagine.

Now I did not have any Internet social skills whatsoever so when I registered to the forum to defend myself I did a very bad job at introducing myself.

My first post was right here... "Why am I selling my site" and then a rather quick answer.

That thread fizzled out and then another one popped up, this time I named my post "Shut up!!"

Yep, very professional of me.

I then proceeded to ask them questions why they would think this & that and it turned into a heated but rather human discussion.

Before I knew it, I was hanging out at this forum here & there every day for a little human interaction. I had no smoke breaks with my friends at the Sam Ash Music store anymore, no partners to bullshit with so my lonely ass used this forum to reach out & touch someone. I began to make friends.

Now there were some guys on this forum who were really good at affiliate marketing, basically they had no offers of their own, they just promoted other offers and used adwords, which back then was alot easier to do than nowadays.

I remember showing my girlfriend a post done by one of the users, a 22 yr old who had initially argued with me over my auction and now he posted showed off his brand new BMW. Looking back it wasn't a very impressive BMW, like a 528 or something, but this was amazing to me. I had a 1994 Honda, so "BMW" no matter what make or model was intimidating to me. I was blown away how I had stumbled onto this "sub culture" and how young people were making this type of money from home.

Now since the owner of this forum ran a bunch of background checks and reverse records offers I took interest in this niche and created a new adwords campaign based on the new things I learned there.

I made 10 adgroups each using the theme of the most obviously relevant keywords for the offer and activated it. I began to make conversions as I began to spend money. That first night it did great and looking back I would consider that a "payday."

One of the things I learned was that the first couple days of running a campaign will be your best. Prior to this epiphany of mine, I would leave the campaign on and then it would go into the red, I would keep running the campaign until I was ready to throw my computer out the window.

The thing I didn't understand, was that when you launch an adwords campaign, it's the same as any other launch, it dies. The "get rich quick" ebooks would have you believe that the campaigns are supposed to run forever, no.. if your lucky 2 or 3 days, unless you change the ad copy and/or offer.

I didn't do any of this, so because I had fallen victim to this misinformation or lack of information from all the free stuff I had seen by big name gurus, I didn't get into it alot and I really should have since that first night was always profitable. I should have continued to build new campaigns promoting new offers. Duh!

I remember during my building of the adwords campaign, my girlfriend was watched the whole season of "Lost" behind me (I was facing the street in the living room) and the TV was on the wall. We had just gotten a plasma TV for the first time and I was the one who bought it for once. lol I had that beach from the show in my mind during the making of the campaign and when I remembered right now to tell you about this I see that beach again. Weird right? Maybe I felt like I was stranded on a beach for real. I did however really want to watch that show but I was getting annoyed that the "monster" was becoming ever more less scary, so again, $300, $300, $300... Day dreams took over.

Within 2 months my adwords account had 40 campaigns and I had finally learned how to successfully promote affiliate offers without going into the red and losing my money, but slowly learning the "TURN IT OFF AFTER THE FIRST NIGHT" thing. Either that or be a nerd like Perry Marshall and keep track of every little bit of performance which I tried doing and it frustrated the hell out of me.

I signed up to become an affiliate of Musician's friend and created an adwords campaign to promote musical instruments, so the campaign had 18 or so adgroups, each with around 10 keywords promoting everything from Ibanez guitars to Roland VDrums.

The only crappy thing about using this offer to make money with and the affiliate program was that the results did not update in realtime.

So around 12 midnight the first day (After waiting 12 hours) I logged into the account after driving around $70 worth of traffic. The stats came in for the entire day and it showed I sold two drumsets, guitars, keyboards, mics, yielding around $350 in commissions. Basically the campaign was a total success and I made almost $300 profit.

I attributed this success from the fact that I knew a heck of alot about the niche I went into, rather then look at the marketing from an "opportunity standpoint" therefore when I wrote my ads and chose keywords, I knew alot about my potential customers and what they were looking for.

I was doing the same exact thing I was doing at Sam Ash in the city, selling the same musical instruments I sold there in the store, but now online from home. The irony was I was paid a much better percentage of the sales, (8%) than I was actually physically working in the store!

If I sold a $3500 keyboard, I made almost $300! So this campaign was golden.

Again, the first night was the most profitable, but I was at least learning to turn it off which was great!

I turned it on a couple more times for around a year or so and at the same time continued to create campaigns as those little numbers added up.

My mom had renovated a ruin in Italy so me and my Girlfriend flew out there to see how she was doing and enjoy the Italian countryside. I remember being in touch with my friend and affiliate Gravity while in Italy and the whole time I was there for two weeks I made money normally.

I posted my ads, I managed my PPC, I checked in on my friend Gravity and my other affiliates from time to time and even used a couple Internet cafes to see how things were going when I was away from home. It was amazing.

So listen, check it out... I got into other niches;

Something I haven't explained yet is that back in 2001, my ex girlfriend ran off with a good friend of mine. It destroyed my world and I had to put myself back together again. I also learned a ton about relationships and since I had a baby with this girl, I had to work it out with her afterwards. She did move out to Utah with my son, which devastated me once again, since I couldn't see him but I would fly out to see him once a quarter.

I had been writing a ton on the whole thing, with a folder on my hard drive full of diaries, journals, stuff like that. I noticed that there was a category on Clickbank as well as book stores all over the Internet that sold a ton of ebooks in this niche.

It was basically the "Get your ex back" niche. So you guessed it. I wrote an ebook about my breakup and I released it on Clickbank. I wrote it relatively fast, since I had played it over & over again in my head so many times. Another advantage to sticking to your niche.

But coming up with instruction was something I had actually been doing for a long time. I created a 14 chapter table of contents, the first three chapters introduction of the subject and concepts, then about myself. I immediately went into my story of how my relationship got so bad and then how the breakup occurred. By the 8th chapter I explained how we were able to reconcile and create a good relationship again.

After I was done with the ebook, I created the site starting on a friday. All weekend I worked on this, then the offer was approved on Clickbank Monday.

I started sending PPC traffic at the offer and the ebooks started selling like crazy. You see the first sale come in and then the next, you check how many clicks you got in your adwords control panel and when you have 15 clicks that cost you a total of $3.20 on advertising and you make two $30 sales you want to jump for joy! You start getting really excited.

Another confidence booster was that Clickbank has an extremely liberal refund policy meaning if you ask for a refund, they refund you immediately, heck sometimes customers would contact me angry at me that Clickbank refunded them when they just asked for help, like they had ichy trigger fingers. So anyhow, my point being that I had low refund rates and it was a great indicator that people really liked my stuff.

So when it started doing $200 a day like my music sites my horizons again became so much wider and the potential seemed vast. There weren't enough hours in the day to do what I wanted to do. There were so many possibilities.

It was 2006 (I think) when I created a website that showed how to do affiliate marketing. I took screenshots of my clickbank earnings and created a cool little video for the front page with techno music over it.

I created an adwords campaign for this one and right away I hit a big roadblock as the keywords I wanted to use were $2.00 a click territory since the niche was so competitive. But this didn't stop the affiliates from beginning to promote the site as I had created an affiliate portal "BigBillions" which showcased all of my sites for affiliate to promote them.

My Affiliate Marketing site wasn't making as much as you would think, around $200 to $300 a day but again, great refund rates as I knew what I was talking about having done real affiliate marketing for 2 years.

After running this site for a while I put this site on Ebay for sale as well. The site sold for $38,000! After the site sold, a couple days went by and I hadn't heard from the buyer yet. Late one night, the phone rang and on the other end was a soft spoken Australian accent and "he had a few questions for me."

Everything went well and then my buyer finished the transaction using, which is what you should use when you do such a big transaction, so you don't lose your money or I don't lose my site if one of us turns into what I call a "Gremlin." I helped him get the site moved over and we became friends.

I went straight to the BMW dealer and I bought the showcase BMW 645 convertible. I drove off the lot and put the pedal to the metal.

The thing took off and it was amazing. I had never driven a car that had more than 150 horsepower.

I immediately posted pics on Ewealth trying to piss the kid off who messed with me about my auction. Although I have to say he was coming around and we were getting along better.

There was something for the past couple years I had been missing out on. I wasn't doing any email marketing, so people would purchase my package, ebook or database, download it, then nothing. Other vendors had newsletters and would promote similar offers in their niche via email marketing and I guess I just wasn't ready to wrap my head around it.

So I got my first Aweber account and began building my Beats list.

I now had money coming from my own offers as well as affiliate promotions here & there and this is when I decided to sell a couple of my musical offers on Ebay. Yes, I loved the lump sums.

Right away, my friend who purchased the Affiliate Marketing site from me wanted to buy the musical sites as well and so we decided on a price for all of them as a package.

I transferred the sites to him and every so often I would log in and see how much the sites were making, keeping my eye on him to make sure he was good to go. One day I logged into the clickbank account for musicmaserpro and to my amazement the site was now making $500 a day!

This was in the vendor side of the business so after giving 70% to affiliates I figured the total was upwards of $1300 in gross sales everyday. I called my friend and asked him how in the world the site is doing that and he told me he will tell me all about it "Once he is done with a negotiation" whatever that meant. (I thought)

So to make a long story short, the traffic was coming from one of the top youtube videos for guitar and my friend had just bought the youtube account.

The video had 50,000,000 views and climbing, with a comment every 2 minutes.

This Youtube video was so popular and well known, that a screenshot of the video was used in the Wikipedia entry for Youtube with a caption "A user uploads himself playing guitar and gets 50,000,000 views." (Or something along those lines.)

By the time someone stole the video from us it had 91,458,634 Views.

Unfortunately, the guy who originally owned the youtube account lived in Asia and his friend had asked him to place his affiliate link in the description box to earn commissions from the video.

It was a shame that he didn't fully disclose to him that he would be making 100% of the money from that link, if he did the owner might have kept 100%, but would have told my friend to fuck off.

So the owner gets an email from my friend, asking him to sell for $1000 and the owner happily accepted, leaving his phantom affiliate friend very angry as soon as my friend changed the affiliate link to his own.

My friend came to me and asked me to partner with him to build more guitar instruction sites as we obviously harnessed enormous power now.

I began auditioning guitarists in the NYC area, in all different genres and began filming them for hire.

My guitar teaching was ok with GuitarHotshot, and in my opinion would be very helpful to guitarists that I work with...

Unfortunately, alot of guitarists are a NIGHTMARE to record with, but we needed ALOT of content, because of course there was insane opportunity!

My friend kept me in the lab for what felt like a ridiculously long amount of time recording and editing the guitarists. In the meantime he began to build a list of his own so we would broadcast to the list when the site was done.

After 8 months of creating this enormous amount of content, I created GuitarSuperstars and we plugged it into the youtube.

Only a week later we had built a list of around 50,000 subscribers and were making a ridiculous amount of money. Other affiliates joined in and now our site was a smash hit. Our When you did a search on Youtube for "Guitar" you got us. If you did a search for "Guitar lessons" you got us.

We were the king of Guitar Lessons.

One of my favorite places to stop in at was that good ol' forum where I had introduced myself with the "shut up" post. I had alot of good friends there and now over 4000 posts.

One day I got a rather strong proposal from someone who called himself LL, or "The Chinese LL Cool J" where he was offering to work as my affiliate manager. I was open to the idea so we decided to create an offer together and see how it went.

I had a habit of doing parody and sometimes I would start a serious project and I just couldn't take the niche seriously. One of the most ridiculous Internet Info Niches is the PUA or "Pick up artist" niches in my opinion.

It was always very obvious that the "gurus" that teach it were fake, and to make matters worse, they said things that were just the opposite of what most women would like. The gurus I had seen were so strange, so sleazy and here my new friend wanted to do one.

So I told him I had an idea and I went to work as usual. "BangFlick" was born. "How to make dirty movies with girls."

Complete with ebook, this ridiculous concept topped one of the funniest things I think I have ever done.

Now of course no merchant would ever approve the site, and I didn't want to get into adult since Chris scared the shit out of me regarding that industry. So we wrote it off as being a complete joke and a parody. LL even connected it for sale using paypal and paydotcom as a processor but I disconnected it right away since I was afraid if someone did buy it PayPal would reject the sales and get pissed at us.

Nonetheless, the site was ridiculously funny including the text and to this day we laugh about the video I did with my girlfriends as we watch it on my Youtube channel.

But LL was a bit disappointed that I wasn't taking this seriously and so I felt bad, like I was jerking around this guy and wasting his time.

The Irony was that I got like 20 times more action than any of the PUA gurus and had tons of hot girls hanging around including my girlfriend who was adorably sexy in my opinion so I figured ok, Ill do a serious one.

And I figured I'll get a really good domain name for the project.

I created an Adwords campaign for "how to get girls" and I created 10 different ads, I set the ads to rotate evenly so each one would be shown 10%.

The only thing different about the ads was the Display URL, which is the url your ad shows at the bottom in blue. Note that your destination url, the actual site you want your prospect to land on, could be something different.

So all 10 ads were exactly the same except I put in a different display url, all different available but not yet purchased domain names.

Some of them were "," "" and ""

Now since all of these were on rotation evenly, after running 200 hits, we would see which ad (or which URL) was the most desired.

"" was the winner by far. Now I do not know if this was a good thing or a bad thing, because heck the name was hilarious and heck, this might waste alot of affiliate's money on false clicks (or clicks that weren't really interested but thought it was funny)

The content again was my experiences in the form of a 100 page ebook.

The problem was when we were finished with it, we sent it into Clickbank and they rejected it, telling us we wouldn't be able to run it on their network. I thought, shit... We might have a problem with it all together. We put the site on Paypal and advertised it in the personals section of classified sites. A few people bought it and actually really dug it, I didn't really see a future in the niche though and especially since we weren't on an affiliate network, I focused on my other stuff.

Another one I did was with a friend, Kimmy from Ewealth, who was most proud of the fact she ranked #1 on Google for the term "wordpressing" which was in my opinion.. a keyword that I don't think anyone uses? LOL Being that she was a girl I think everyone on the forum was easy on her and didn't tell her she won't ever make money with that ranking.

Kimmy & I joined forces and created "" Yes, Get revenge on your ex, forget trying to get them back.

I wrote the copy for the page and then filmed a video of my girlfriend killing me, chopping me up in the shower and then dragging my body parts out to sea in a garbage bag. Yes, this was all to promote our ebook. Again, little did I know this video would become a comedy cult classic that was just too surreal to be any serious endeavor.

In fact, my lawyer took one look at the site and told me to take it down immediately, before I had a chance to tell him it was a parody.

Miles Baker, my friend from ewealth told me "I wouldn't touch that site with a ten foot poll."

We added some adsense ads and a good disclaimer explaining it was purely satire, which it was. I guess the only loss was the time it took Kimmy to write the ebook. Poor Kimmy. The site however did make us some good Adsense money for a while.

One of my friends on Ewealth contacted me one day and explained he was a former drill instructor who wanted to write an ebook on how to survive USMC bootcamp.

My best childhood friend, Coby Cutler lost his life at Parris Island, one of the only young Marines to die there, so I found interest in the project although it was a really seemingly small niche from a business perspective.

So I took care of the affiliates, customer service, graphics and my friend & author wrote the the copy, the Ebook and launched the site, selling thousands of books.

In the spring, I updated the banner and added a stock photo of a Marine. Mistake!

One day I got an email from an extremely dimented and angry Marine, "Hey your missing the EGA on dude's cover" and at first I was like like.. "What is an EGA?" He had a coronary. And it turns out, the stock photo was really badly done but I didn't know. He went on "Your website is a fraud" and when I replied he really went nuts since now he thought I wrote the ebook and I was the dude in the stock photo!

Interesting situation. This was a great example how wide my customer service demographic was and how many different serious demands I was encountering.

The truth of it was it was a favorite amongst moms, who were buying the ebook for their young Marines and most of our buyers and fans thought it was great.

I told the guy straight up, "If anything it's going to scare the shit out of you!"

See, I looked at what I did similar to what a record label does. You collaborate with authors and create your own network of products, instead of signing to someone else's label. The only difference was that we not only sold music, but Information.

This is one of the greatest examples of why you need to stay in niches you are an expert in. Although the project was a hit, could you imagine what it would be if I hadn't partnered with a real Marine?

Lesson! :)

One project that turned out a success but was a little more difficult to get to convert was This was my girlfriend's content, how to cook chocolates. Great rates on PPC as no one wants to bid more than 0.02 but I did need to spend some time tweaking the front page to get some sales. Remember, once your site converts with PPC, affiliates should be able to make sales. In fact, alot of the time, affiliates were much better at PPC than I was, since that was their sole method and they were obviously well practiced, so If I could get sales with my PPC account, they could really get sales with theirs.

The year was 2007 and I had been working on my first Beat making software.

I had designed the software myself using photoshop, making sure it had an area for tapping out drum beats, a timeline and piano.

Now I know what you may be thinking, there are Iphone apps out now that blow this away, but the year is 2007 and things were different then.

I began to record single sounds from my acoustic drums, and customizing sounds from my electric drum kit as well. I had my girlfriend play violin in steps, and we over layered them for orchestral strings. I created custom 808 drops using sine waves from my analog keyboards, and basically was like a mad musical scientist for a weekend.

Although the thing didn't look so good, (Probably because I am not so good with photoshop) my sounds were awesome and mixed actually really good.

For instance, usually on other sequencers like a Triton or Motif, the snares always need to be taken down a notch. Why is that? That is retarded! The kick should be a bit louder to begin with and thats one thing this app accomplished.

With this little Jamie Box you could tap out or sequence a 16 track instrumental and export the MP3.

It was ready to go and you know what? In the end it sounded just as good and I was able to make a beat with it twice as fast.

Besides, this thing was desktop appliance the way I wanted others to build theirs, so it worked out.

After I was done with all of the sounds, I hired a programmer to bring it to life. I began to look online for software developers online and a Russian guy answered, explained that his company was ultra qualified to build my software. They were located in NYC as well and he wanted to meet with me. We met at my favorite restaurant on the corner, Bistro33 and he sold me. So we began communicating via email and off he went.

A month or so later he wanted to show me a preview of the infrastructure and it was really wack as hell. I had already paid him for the work which looking back was not such a good idea because I was starting to feel ripped off.

He explained to me that he was not going to be able to do much more and he shouldn't have taken the job. That's when I flipped out and told him to refund my money. I think in the end he agreed to send me a paypal refund and started looking for a new programmer. This time, I had to be ultra careful in the audition and initial direction. Using Scriptlance, which was an outsourcing site, I was able to explain exactly what I needed and sure enough a qualified programmer bid on the job.

I soon found out that the programming side of things would take this guy over 12 months to put it together. Sure creating over 2000 sounds was hard work too but it didn't take me 12 months, more like 12 weeks, or somewhere in that ballpark.

Before the year ended my programmer finished my coding.

Right away I began to make tutorials like this:

719,000 views? LOL

And the funny thing was I didn't know how to make screen capture recordings. Looking back I was a slow learner and implementer.

Aside from that, SonicProducer was born and it took off. Affiliates couldn't get enough of it.

To tell you the truth, The affiliate forum I visited so often was a great launch pad. I really have to mention it. That was typically my process... Build product, record tutorials and promotional demos of product, recruit affiliates to push product.

It would have been the same if I was doing Apps on the Apps store today. It would be the same process.

This business made almost 4 figures a day after 6 months launched and was showing no signs of slowing down. A few people in the space completely ripped off my design and launched their own, but that didn't stop it.

LL showed a big interest in smaller niches and since his Chinese grandfather was a healer (or whatever the new age people call it). I helped LL launch the one & only.. the ridiculous,

I swear to GOD! LOL

He made this decision after seeing there was a demand for it (Using the Google Keyword tool) and only one competitor, this little dwarfed guy who had fixed his own personal problem with man boobs.

It looked like this guy was getting all the traffic for himself, but there were no other affiliates and his buy it now button went straight to PayPal, so we figured he didn't know about the power of having multiple affiliates on clickbank.

So I would get a percentage of sales if I created the graphics, the members area, customer service and let my affiliates know about it.

After a week of driving adwords traffic at it, the poor guy with the little site was gone and our site was all over the page. I felt bad. The emails from visitors were really depressing and I found myself comforting a visitor to the site who had been teased since he was young.

Then a competitor (A drug company) contacted LL and was very angry, threatening a lawsuit because one of our affiliates had SEO'd an article using their brand name drug and it was telling people not to get the drug but to buy LoseManBoobs.

So all we could do is contact the affiliate and ask him to stop, sure enough after a few calls to his hosting company they disabled the site. Then someone contacted us and asked us if it would say "LoseManBoobs" on the receipt and he was concerned since he didn't want his wife to see this. A lightbulb went off and we changed the name to "ChestCoach." We ended up selling this site as well.

Basically what I learned from 2007 was not to mess around in areas you do not know about. Everything we did ended up doing became a headache and at the most a good portfolio of parody sites.

2008 I basically exhaled and goofed off. I had money coming in from all of these sites on autopilot and I felt I didn't really need to do anything.

I was now doing upwards of $7000 a week from Clickbank, Adsense and Paypal.

I didn't even have a merchant account yet.

In fact, since this particular post is about making money on the Internet, the entire 2008 period really doesn't even fit in this post.

So towards the end of 2008, my friend LL told me he was flying out to NYC to talk to me. Me being the lonely Internet website maker guy I got excited.

LL came out and told me he had been spending alot of time hanging out with people in the "Internet Marketing" crowd. I said "whats that mean." I knew what Internet Marketing meant, but I didn't know there was a crowd, or better yet... of course there is a crowd in every industry, I just didn't know what or who was in this one.

I asked him, you mean you want to do a "business opportunity site?" Or "MMO" which is short for "Make Money Online." He said no, "Internet Marketing" which is basically the niche that sells to people who bought an Internet Business Opportunity and need more help with it, basically for intermediates learning affiliate marketing.

I initially objected and asked him why he thought I would be interested in this direction when I was doing so well with my music sites and my relationship ebooks.

He explained to me that his concept revolved around the "leasing" or "licensing" of my PPC advertising templates. Basically, some of my best advertising data I.E: Campaigns in my Adwords accounts.

So instead of just an ebook and video instruction like other programs out there, we would do all of that and teach marketing, but also give our customer the actual campaigns, which included the keywords, the right amount of keywords per adgroup, the ad copy and the settings of each campaign.

This concept was cool I thought because for the first 2 years when I was trying to really kick ass at PPC and learning about what a campaign was supposed to look like little by little on that marketing forum, I would have killed to have access to my campaigns back then. It wasn't easy to create my campaigns.

And we absolutely looked at it as if the campaign wasn't good quality, we wouldn't include it in the database. But I had a few different accounts and a ton of awesome campaigns, which made for a great collection of files so the value kicked ass!

Notice no conversion tracking for the Musician's Friend campaign, that's the challenge with what I call "corporatism." But originally I had all of my musician friend instruments as ad groups, but for CopyNProfit, I created new campaigns for every instrument so students would be able to better control the action and do them separately. I threw around $100 of traffic at the new campaigns, got sales and that was a done deal.

This was one of those experimental accounts where I would test different domain names and conversion tests for my musical products like "InstrumentMaster."

So since he presented it to me as being for "intermediates" and his idea sounded good I jumped on thinking I could bail if it ended up being another psycho project like his man boobs nightmare.

We registered the name "CopyNProfit." And I began putting all of my adwords campaigns I had built over the last 4 years together in an easy to digest package.

My girlfriend watched the entire 1st season of True Blood while I created the members area.

After she was done it was great timing because Tutorial time came along and that's when I would use a mic and kick everyone out of my very small living room.

After the site was done, I knew it was going to be a hit because I wanted the product too. I would buy this product if I saw it, and thats an important rule in business. if you wouldn't buy the product yourself, don't waste time on it. However, there are some exceptions of course, for instance ladies underwear, makeup.. lol You get my drift. If you are a dude, don't sell underwear you don't know shit about it, etc.

So LL's job was to do the affiliate management, which is to book promotions by other vendors in the industry and build relationships with them. My job was to make sure the website converted, build the products and handle the customer service.

Honestly, the next thing I remember is $4000 daily from CopyNProfit. My adwords campaigns were real, we sold the actual campaigns in file format so all you needed to do was plug them in and it saved you a ton of time.

The most amazing thing was that it really worked for our customers too. On the WarriorForum, which is a popular affiliate forum we would see comments like "I only made $170 profit from them, Im pissed" which was rare since so many people usually don't results like this without even having to think.

And I suppose considering how hostile and negative the warriorforum review section is.. success!

I got my adwords certification the first time taking the test which I guess was an accomplishment since usually most people I knew on Ewealth it took them 2 or 3 times as there are a ton of trick questions, it's not the easiest test in the world.

But in the meantime we had built this huge list in Internet Marketing and I was very busy hiring and firing customer support people and updating the page, making sure it was compliant and the stress of operating in a major league was starting to set in.

However, financially I was doing incredibly well as I had been making $250k to $500k a year after paying affiliates since 2004, and I was able to save most of it since I still lived in the same dirty place in Queens, the same place I lived at when I got fired from Elias.

Now with SonicProducer, Beats365 and CopyNProfit, I was on the brink of the 7 figure a year category for the first time, just on Clickbank paychecks and Ebay alone.

I wanted to try a little experiment and I created a big road sign, put it on my friend and paid him $10 an hour for two hours to stand at the end of an off ramp in Queens.

As you can see there in the picture, that was me driving back to pick him up after the 2 hour span in my black 645.

It was July so he just about had it.

He was advertising a domain name I bought which redirected to a "How to go Bio Diesel" offer on Clickbank with my affiliate link attached.

Unfortunately, this did not work at all. LOL

I think we got 10 subscribers from all of the flyers he handed out, but $20 for 10 subcribers isn't really an intelligent business model.

Alot of these things that I tried seemed like genius in the beginning, but I was blown out of the water by people online who just copied other people and that seemed wrong to me.

Me & the Chinese LL Cool J started to disagree on alot of issues. Aside from the fact he would slip in weird sentences in our sales copy causing me to always second guess what our material looked like, having to edit it late at night and stuff like that.. I was already making good money before this so if I did this Internet Marketing stuff I didn't want to completely sell out like Metallica did.

I also didn't want one endeavor to become so big that it consumed who I was and what I really loved to do which was working in music.

He just kept giving me the "you need to sacrifice thing" and I straight up would call him out, "You may need to sacrifice who you are but I don't want to or even need to."

Since we were splitting the money that was coming in 50-50, he went from a couple hundred a day to $2000 a day overnight.

All he was doing was contacting owners of websites and asking them to promote our site. Meanwhile I simply added another $2000 ontop of my already $2000 a day I was making already. He needed me more than I needed him.

LL wanted me to create a new site for him so we decided on doing a sequel to CopyNProfit except for FREE traffic, not paid PPC. Of course, this is what people were asking us for in the customer service email.

We launched profitMiracle which heavily revolved around article marketing instruction and included templates similar to CopyNProfit. The tutorials and material were ok in my opinion of course since my competition usually did not know ANYTHING about what they were selling people, but since LL did most of the copy, things were a bit more heated on the forums and of course half of the affiliates were either trying to dog it to get PR or writing promotions that sounded like a retarded version of Don Lapre.

However, other vendors who taught article marketing were putting out alot of misinformation, for example that the traffic you get is from the Article directory alone, which is false. The traffic comes from the search engines because you targeted a keyword that has minimal competition, and the result is that nothing stood in the way of your article reaching #1 on Google.

LL would basically write all of the "hype" and sales language on our sales page and I would talk about my reality, which was pretty much everything we spoke about in this post so far, with the introduction of who I was and how the product works. The site did ok but nowhere as good as CopyNProfit.

However, LL grew resentful because he "spent all Christmas writing the copy" as he put it, while I felt resentful he didn't value the time it took me to create the product.

I was also in charge of the graphics, the format, alot of the copy and it was in my name entirely so any of his scammy looking copy I felt was running me into the ground.

On another note, If I thought the negativity and the skepticism in response to my deals and sales pages online was bad before, this was a whole new arena. People didn't know those campaigns were real, and figured if I was really making all that money before, why would I be selling them out now?

Threads in forums were a whole lot different now. There was so much hate and a pre-determined notion that I was robbin' someone's momma!

There were articles that came out that spawned hate fests where people assumed my screenshots were not real, and my product sucked.

One example, (and a good one at that, one that has been talked about before) is a thread on a forum that started with someone stating I had sent out an email promoting this marketing guru's website from NYC that worked at a gym and now makes tons of money.

Of course being homeless prior to living the "super affiliate lifestyle" only there was supposedly a problem... that "friend" of mine is a famous actor and I was "caught in a lie."

This idiot was talking about a site I promoted that was owned by this marketer named Melford, a bodybuilder in Florida. Everyone knows he runs a fitness training business and IM website with his wife. That's his real name and he is a real person. Note that this position of integrity in itself is in the minority on the Internet, especially in this industry.

Melford used to live in CT, and so do I, so whenever I see Melford at an affiliate seminar we joke about how we are "Connecticut brothers." It's a joke dick...

Melford's wife appears here
and further down the page...

So basically a big picture of Melford and his wife is like the first thing you see on the page. You can't miss it.

Well if you scroll a little farther down the page, there is another picture, one where his wife is hanging with the actor. LOL

So I guess this guy who started the thread was entirely lying in the post because you really can't miss the fact this is Melford's site.

The minute I saw the article I said to myself "why would this guy think I was talking about the actor, his picture is halfway down the page, how could you have missed Melford?" In fact, there are actually TWO pictures of Melford and his wife before you see the other guy.

This dude was on my list, (I don't know why he would be) and I doubt he was a customer of mine since 90% of hostile emails came from outside my place of business, not from customers. And when he got to the page he scrolled immediately to the picture of the actor and thought it was him who owned the site... or something. I don't know entirely.

Here she is with "The Hulk"

Things like this tend to piss a person off.

Me being from NYC and usually making contact with potentially thousands of people daily over the course of 10 years I didn't like the fact people could do this bullshit to you while hiding behind their computers in Pakistan.

That's how things were. Having hundreds of thousands of people hating you and going off on a tangeant, getting things twisted isn't fun. But most of the time when something really went wrong, it was my evil twin manager and it just felt like I deserve it for working with him.

See, before 2004 I would think "doing it yourself" really doesnt work and those success stories of bands and celebrities who did it themselves had help doing it.

I understand why a normal person would be disgusted by IM and all of the ridiculous success stories if you thought it was fake or that the vendor was predatory. In 2003 I myself was one of the worst non-believers because it hadn't happened to me. But the simple truth is that people don't put any time into it, hence it's "unbelievable."

Most of the people who wrote nasty articles were just doing it to make money. They would do a "review" site, bash one product on purpose to build trust so they can get a good conversion rate from their visitors.

So when I would stumble onto these types of threads I was amazed at how ridiculous and assumptive they were.

It was night & day from the customer experience, in fact my customers for my Internet Marketing sites were very happy with my product and very professional as they were in business themselves and appreciated the info.

Believe it or not, in the marketing niche my customers were very friendly overall and I would say much less potentially hostile then a customer for one of my rap/hip hop beats sites. I do take the responsibility for creating so many hardcore gangsta rap beats. :D

So it would make sense as the people who leave nasty comments on the front page of my site were all the people who didn't want to sign up for my newsletter or buy my digital product. Greed consumed this niche from every angle, I saw it from Affiliates, other vendors, and customers. For instance, one client I showed this article to had this to say:

"After a reading few pages I stopped. I don't know music and I didn't see how any of the story would help me"

It's too bad because in this article I pretty much explain marketing strategies that might have taken me years to learn, but would take minutes for someone reading this to implement and make ten times more money than I did. Not to mention the one roadblock that keeps everyone from making good money with PPC and of course all of the other stuff.

So people have a hard time understanding that when you hear me say "marketing" I am referring to research and then advertising a product. People generally are very linear thinkers and do not understand how you can be good at more than one thing. You need to. There is not just one way to do it. Why would you only want to do one thing? Richard Branson didn't just do Virgin Records.

Another myth that is simply not true is that the only niche that makes money online is "IM" or "make money online" This is ridiculous for three reasons:

1. As you saw what happened to me in the beginning, it's very competitive, it costs $2.00 a click.
2. You only get ahead from affiliates in this niche and only when you have had actual results that are real and impressive.
3. You only sustain a brand in IM or "MMO" when your students get results, so real results from a student won't come from a niche that costs $2.00 a click.

But I have to say I never saw anything that bad, nor did I get any real serious hatemail or anything until later in life, when a major website launched a communist campaign against all Internet Marketers and they embeded one of my youtube videos on the page. hundreds of comments like "I hope you get shot in the face" appeared on the youtube video comments and I had never ever seen anything like that before.

Meanwhile, I was getting tired of being taken advantage of from other vendors and affiliates who stole all my ideas, and took my sales pages, some of which entirely stole them and processed payments themselves. By now, I had partnered with dozens of people all of which had sites on the CB marketplace probably collectively making millions, although I do not have exact stats and no I am not claiming that money, that would be in addition to my income claims.

But what was very interesting was that all of my super affiliates, who were ultra professional and driving my products up the marketplace to #1, were making me alot of money but I had never met any of them.

The first time I really ever met everyone who was promoting us was affiliate summit east in the summer of 2009. LL had told me that I should remain "The wizard of Oz" or "frankenstein" and not make contact which I of course resented him even thinking this.

So when I got there to NYC and met with everyone at a bar, my Iphone was going crazy with him calling, wanting to get involved, I guess he didn't want to become obsolete.

I finally met Clickbank executives face to face, affiliates that had promoted me for years, It was great meeting everyone who supported CopyNProfit throughout 2009 and for the first time I met the owner of Ewealth!

SonicProducer and Beats365 affiliates were buying me drinks.. It's like I was born into the world and all this time, these 5 years everyone was watching that whole time and they were excited to finally meet me. No homo, but here I am, back in NYC, where I had spent years trying to get hired by production companies, and then I decide to stay home and sell my music myself... Now Im at a conference at the Hilton with people lining up to take pictures with me & shit. LOL

One of the most amazing things that happened on this trip was that I met other very successful marketers, in all different niches who introduced themselves to me and then immediately thanked me for "showing them how to do it."

At all of the parties for the networks there was so much attention it was insane. But I guess not as insane as the story gets yet.

I had hired an assistant for the first time in 4 years, a young lady Tiffany that helped me with my products, customer service and website development full time.

And then Greg came along. Greg was a friend of mine from the forum and I auditioned him along with 20 other coders. Greg got the job done in under 5 minutes and was hired immediately.

Greg was from Oklahoma, and right away showed a determination I had never seen before.

So I had around 40 websites now, some of them I had built myself, some I had done with a partner, author and/or specialist; and I would occasionally build sites for clients, some had become super successful.

I branded my site creation services which I had been doing for a few years now part time so we could go mainstream and get more clients. We launched this service in 2009 called "DigiBizPro."

The launch was an extraordinary 7 figure one week launch and the product was great and continues to have satisfied clients on a large scale.

The software that my assistant Greg built was incredible. You could basically build an entire site in 2 minutes and it would plug into Clickbank automatically. This was of course a dream and ambition I'd had for a very long time as you can see from my story.

But on the other hand, me & LL decided to sell CopyNProfit and Profitmiracle since we weren't getting along. It was the typical artist/manager relationship and you can guess how that went. He wanted to go into BizOpp and did a site about a fake Janitor who got rich. The bad thing was my content from Profitmiracle and my campaigns from copynprofit were in the members area so immediately people thought I was associated with it.

We sold CopyNProfit for $238,000 and ProfitMiracle for $50,000.

The new owner of CopyNProfit was actually a very good guy and his first ambition was to add a ton more campaigns and launch 2.0, basically really interested in making sure that customers really loved the product.

Now you have to understand that speed was a factor and I was impatient so in wanting this, and wanting to get ahead, I put Sonicproducer on the market. I sold for $180,000.00 around the same time I bought my first house in Fairfield County, CT.

The only bummer of this deal is that the buyer asked me to sign a non-compete for a year and therefore couldn't do any of my other "Beat making projects."

I would later regret selling since the site processed another $500,000 for the buyer the next 2 years.

This was a common occurrence. My auctions database site I had sold for $18,000 was now #1 on Google for the main keyword.

In fact, dozens of sites I had either designed for clients or partnered with people, the partnership fell apart and they just continued running the site on their own behind my back, and they were making more money than I ever thought they would be making, therefore I would kick myself upside the head for wasting that time.

On the flip side, some partners promised the world, I would begin working with them, sign all sorts of contracts, pay Chris to look over the contracts and then the project would go NOWHERE.

I learned my lesson. Self responsibility is most important. It is ok to hire someone to do an individual job, but be careful when you are working with a flake. In fact, do it all yourself, don't rely on other people.

See, 2009 was a great year. I now was making well over two million a year ($40,000 a week average) and that was just the beginning. I was making more because through trial and error, I was making fewer mistakes. I would get checks in the mail and direct deposits for thousands of dollars from places I had totally forgotten about. It was almost as if anything I had put time into, was fully completed and in a niche I was an expert in, paid off one way or another.

By now I had a list of 15,000 subscribers for beats, a gigantic Internet Marketing list and wrote tons and tons of emails ourselves originally to our subscribers so they were very responsive and we were basically living off of this even after we sold out. So many vendors were familiar with the "Jamie Lewis" brand, I really earned a spot at the table and could announce a launch at the drop of a dime.

I bought an Aston Martin and drove around real fast listening to cannibal corpse real loud. These were the days where I had a big house, and two cars that each cost 6 figures.

2010 Was really the dark ages for my music business but is the year I began to make serious music for myself. And in a way I guess I was getting tired of working constantly so I really laxed out.

Greg came out to visit me in the Summer and I picked him up at LaGuardia.

Right away we went to a nearby Mexican restaraunt in Corona Queens and had a margarita and got in a fight with some gangsters in the Parking Lot.

We arrived back in Connecticut and then a couple days later we left to go down to the city once again, to Affiliate Summit West, 2010.

On the way, we stopped at a gas station down the street from my house and while I was pumping gas, a big black dude asked me if "I was the guy with the Aston Martin."

He introduced himself as being a bodyguard to the stars. I took his card as me & Greg drove down to NYC for Affiliate Summit West and didn't think much of it. He texted me a couple times the next day and left me a message saying he wanted to meet me for something.

I looked his name up on Google and the first thing that comes up is an article of him getting arrested for guns with 50 Cent in NYC. So right away I knew this guy was the real deal, just not sure what the meeting was going to be about.

I was planning this launch called WealthInaBox which was a case study I did with a student over a 6 month time period, manufactured in a 10 DVD set encased in a leather embroidered box.

During our meeting, my man tells me he can bring some hardcore firepower to my launch, big time celebrities promoting my box.

So we spend a month or two recording promotional stuff with celebrities and then when it came time to launch, it didn't do so well since I thought the launch was going to be driven by offline methods rather than Clickbank affiliates.

It was like that scene in Die Hard 2 where the bad guys recalibrate sea level and the plane crashes into the tarmac because the pilot thought the ground was 200 feet lower than it really was.

Nevertheless, my man who wishes to remain nameless (Or he might have me killed) became one of my best friends to this day.

Funny story though.

I take full responsiblity for my Wealthinabox blunder. Lesson learned: Calibrate correctly asshole!! (Talking to myself)

This product was actually insanely amazing.

To give you an idea of what was in that box, one of my 1 on 1 students recorded his computer screen as I taught him how to do Google Adwords, build a niche site and sell it on Ebay and these 14 recordings occured all throughout 2010.

So five out of 10 of the DVD's were a 6 month case study in detail and it was intense. Four of the other DVD's were my own techniques and the very last DVD was a DATA DVD which contained all my campaigns, resources and other data.

It profitable in the end since it is not too hard to sell a great product and industry trendsetter, but not the 5 million dollar launch I had anticipated.

Just too funny. Wtf.

So anyway, I ended up marrying my lazy movie watching girlfriend in the summer of 2010 because she was just so god damn hot and she got pregnant right afterwards.

Her pregnancy was tough but she got through it and gave birth to my second son. He was born with a disorder which gave us a run for our money the last two years.

That summer I produced 3 hip hop albums, mostly poking fun at modern hip hop, in parody form but a bit serious at times.

I primarily would create the instrumental music first then write and perform lyrics with two other individuals, Edawg and Rich Zilinek.

These two guys I had known since 1994 so I knew they didn't love me for my money like alot of other people.

At the end of 2010, me & LL began to entirely go our own separate ways.

Since I was not "The Wizard behind the curtain any longer" I needed to get out and experience Vegas during Affiliate Summit West.

This time I met all of my super affiliates I hadn't met so far.

Me & my three friends from Connecticut stayed in a 2000 Sq Foot Suite at the Palms Fantasy Towers.

We flew in the night of the AVN Porn awards and there were porno actresses all over the place.

I was so busy speaking to my affiliates that I didn't notice my two friends wander off. We couldn't find them. Im calling Edawg over & over again and he texts me and tells me he is at the AVN Porn Party in the Suite that has a bowling alley in it. (I forget the name)

it turns out that him and my other friend get kicked out of the party because Andy Dick was going ape shit and they thought they were with him.

They end up going back to Andy Dick's Suite and getting destroyed with him until 7 in the morning.

When I got back, I still was working my breakup out with LL, since we were still disagreeing on who gets what and during the process, I asked him to introduce me to the affiliates I hadn't yet met and so he put me in touch with a "middle man" type dude Travis, and me & him hit it off.

January, 2011, my non-compete that I had signed with the buyer of SonicProducer ran out so it was time for my new Beat Machine. This time it had to hit hard with a bang.

I had been out of the game for a year and during that time, my competition (Who entirely got the idea from me) blew up.

I drew out a sketch of what I wanted this new sequencer to do and hired a professional designer this time to do the graphics. After a month of design, It was time to hire a development company to do the coding. This time, the sequencer could create songs and had twice as many sounds.

This was my new beats project, Mega Music Maker.

After preparing everything for the programmer, my coder told me to give him 6 months and in the meantime, I would do Internet Marketing instruction for my new associate Travis.

My wife gave birth to my son and my 11 year old moved in with me around the same time from Utah the scam state and I made arrangements to put him in football in August.

My new associate Travis had built standalone software that worked on Adobe Air, actually created webpages on the fly, and we started beta testing it. After using it as a landing page solution and building lists with it, we launched it and we beat Lady Gaga and Wimbeldon on the Alexa Charts at #6 most talked about term. We hit #1 on Clickbank with a 7 figure launch in a week. Unfortunately, the networks and affiliates leave you with a small percentage of your sales in this niche. It's similar to a bad record deal. These Gurus don't understand that I made $500,000 with a drum machine on CB and that was after affiliates with a 5% refund rate.

However since the Internet Marketing industry was evolving to more video, and I had the advantage of actually doing the stuff for real, it was a no brainer to be the "goto" guy. I was really keen to participate, so during 2011, me & Travis released one more sequel all handling one aspect of the game and I would do the sales video. We beat up a "fake guru" as the Intro and launched the site into the stratosphere once again.

I began to explore using parody to bash all of the fake gurus who resembled my old evil twin manager.

I had met a few of the big time gurus in the industry and it was as if their bodies were invaded by aliens or reptiles. Maybe this is why they call the Illuminati "reptilians." It's so weird because other people in the space (that are just plain normal) are actually very responsible business people who believe in quality products.

With these gurus it wasn't necessarily that they don't put out crap products, but that they only did so because they really didn't have real content. I really think in my heart, all of those nights I was in heated debate with LL, tearing my own hair out, fighting him on advertising policy and not to be a scum bag had really mentally disturbed me.

I was in this niche now, that was super competitive and had a huge advantage because I could just tell the truth in a sales video and the things I was saying were incredible. No one seemed to understand that if they just let me do it my way it gets good reviews and the brand has longevity.

This is when I decided to create an online class via webinar and for a very affordable price. This in my opinion was the only solution to doing big business in this niche and do it right.

I know for a fact alot of the other vendors in the niche that teach it justify their outrageous costs because of the earnings potential, which simply isnt right because it is a potential. When you are already making this type of money before teaching it and you don't need to leave your house, why would you charge so much?

So I guess that's why I started selling the first class for a $1.00. LOL

I really didn't know too much about webinars or how to do them, but again it was like the situation with Beats365, everyone was selling their [blank] for $50, I was going to do a better deal.

So I launched IMWithjamie which stands for "Internet Marketing with Jamie."

Now after beginning to make contact with the outside world, after being behind the curtain, and finding out all these people learned from me and became millionaires, this was a huge ego boost, so even though I was not working with LL any longer I wanted to continue to teach what I had become so freaking good at but do it my way.

I began with beta testers off Warriorforum as I had done with Wealthinabox and this Webinar stuff was going to be amazing.

Of course with my marketing list I pressed a button and 200 people signed up to my class. I was wondering how it was going to go knowing I would be teaching 200 people at the same time. That's a big ass class.

From that 200 people, 20 people showed up to the class. We looked over the members area to make sure everything was working correctly and sure enough there was a big red banner at the top "Register for class here" but I was still on with only 20 people. I thought, "where are my other 180 customers?"

It turned out alot of people just watched my videos and didn't wan't to come to a class. (I guess)

However this would change! This is how:

The class was so freaking awesome every willing participant who attended would have some sort of success with what I was teaching. How could they not? It was a way to do 1 on 1 training with however many people.

At first it was a $1.00 trial on Clickbank for 7 days and then a monthly fee thereafter which converted insane, but then I decided to introduce that Beats365 philosophy and did the $39.00 for 12 classes, that's when it went through the roof.

A few of my students began making alot of money, and I would take calls from students live in front of other students. So a couple super affiliates in the class began to teach with me, and we would tag team, one presenter while the other answered questions in the questions box, then we would change presenters and so on & so forth.

Even though the class was ultra profitable and would be one of my only Internet Marketing incomes in 2012, it did feel good as if I was "giving back."

I began teaching two classes a week. At 9PM I would go on the webinar and teach for two hours.

My assistant Greg would record every webinar and I would teach everything that I do to beginners, Intermediates and advanced people.

During the entire autumn of 2011, my son's football team was winning like every game and I was the volunteer filmographer.

At the end of the season, I put together a documentary and then started building a niche project with my son's coach called "FiftyToZero."

I recorded Coach teaching masterclasses for a couple months and then we put the offer on Clickbank.

A super affiliate began selling hundreds of them a day and it caught on just like all the other projects that were REAL and had real, true content. And of course the best part, my students were able to watch the whole thing getting built and launching. I have witnesses! :)

Meanwhile, my IMWithJamie Class took off! I would later end up hitting #1 on Clickbank 3 times in 2012.

And then... My MegaMusicMaker Software was finally finished.

I decided that during 2012, I would spend alot of time doing video tutorials for MegaMusicMaker promotion, recruit affiliates and teach my class.

Of course now that I had this awesome new software that I had designed with help from Danny Glix, and waited 12+ months for the software to be completed, I had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

This is the beautiful moment where you can begin playing your instrument, recording your screen with Camtasia which will end up being part of your product, adding value by the minute.

In the end I wanted to also have a complete marketplace where musicians could sell their tracks to buyers through my site as well.

We needed the tracking done, we needed a sales page, sales video now and all of these tutorials I was recording to go up and then recruit affiliates.

Just like I had done with SonicProducer, I had added a ton of awesome original sounds that I made by playing a variety of instruments and synthesizers and editing the pitch, layering and adding effects.

So 2012 was upon us and I decided to spend alot of time in other niches again, including of course my new beat machine. I reached out to my old friends in the beat niche, and they were very distant. I guess I had been out of the game for a while and so I had to start from scratch.

I painted the walls green downstairs and began filming all the time. One of my goals was to get 1,000,000 views for comedy/parody videos this year and we just smashed through the number.

The typical videos that I do in Comedy will get a hundred thousand or so views with great feedback so I continued to produce videos every week for my channel as well as our other channels.

We would typically either do a parody sales video "guru style" or take a popular hip hop or top 40 song and redo the lyrics to it.

Before I got into satire, the music I created with lyrics on it never sold since Im a shitty singer, but now creates a very strong following since it is so funny.

Classics are Demi Lovato's "Give your heart a break turned "Give your ass a rape" or Meek Mill's "Tupac Back" Turned "I smoke crack."

Within 7 days "I smoke crack" had 44,000 views and 100 likes. Not bad for something we created in 3 hours.

One of my original challenges was kicking my videos off, because as you know, youtube is so big and saturated now, it is much harder to get exposure, even if your stuff is good.

I refer to it as the "Viral factor" which is something I have seen over the years depending on how amazing your video is.

It is possible for a video you upload to go viral just on its own without any promotion at all, but this is typically a video that scored 10 on my doo ditty.

My videos arent quite like the one me & Edawg filmed where he rode Jules like a bicycle (That one went viral immediately) but with a little adwords action for a day or so, my videos usually take off. They get tons of comments and likes, and the most supportive comments get liked the most.

"I smoke crack" was a family hit and tempted me to go all out. It's like when you are unsure about what you are doing and since no one really sees your stuff you dont want to give it the extra mile.

Well when you throw 2000 targeted views for parodies at your video entitled "Give your ass a rape" you start to see dozens of supportive comments start to flood in. That changes your perspective.

It is the same thing with the Internet Marketing niche.

The stuff converts even when visitors are being all nasty to you.

You take the Ferrari out of the video and it doesnt convert anymore, so it's almost like the haters and the people who are all jealous are the ones buying it. However in my class I think my students start off this way but really enjoy the class, and keep coming.

After doing 200 of these classes I've made some very close friends and we all consider it a close knit community, like a family.

In the Summer of 2012, one of my ImwithJamie members, Matthew Neer started messaging me in the questions box reporting extraordinary success. Matthew is now an instructor during my webinars.

Theresa Lepaine, a mother of two got her Kindle book to #7 on Amazon.

Butch Jensen, another one of my students has a collective 10,000,000 views on Youtube from videos he purchased.

See, my class is powerful because after my students sign up and watch all of the videos in the members area, students usually have very specific questions for me live in the class that challenge me as an instructor. So after I work it out with my student live on the call, it makes me an even better marketer myself and teacher.

No Im not trying to sell you a membership. lol I am trying to tell you the stuff in this article work, so make it happen!

About a week before I wrote this, my students witnessed some crazy shit happen to me.

I had bought a domain name based on a popular keyword phrase, getting pregnant. See, I bought about a year ago. A dude emails me out of the blue and asks me if I would like to sell it to him. Note that I did not have this domain name on any marketplace or done much with it at all. (There was a blog there)

He asks me my price and I say "I don't know." "How about 5k?" he asks. I sold the domain name to him for $5000.00, done deal.

See the time it took me to find this domain name was worth it. And stuff like this does happen all the time. Maybe not exactly like this instance, but in so many other ways. Your action becomes a snowball rolling down the mountain becoming bigger every step.

If you are still scratching your head and wondering how you can do the same, buy a domain name based on an actual commercial keyword for $12.00. It might take you some time to find one that is available...

But when you do...

List that sucker on sedo for $500!


Some people say Im the Eminem of Internet Marketing.. or "Howard Stern Show meets Mark Zuckerberg" which I see as a compliment, but honestly a disappointment since that keyword is so long.

Think about it. With what you know now and where I come from, can we put an end to all this "Internet Marketing" and look at it for what it really is?

I would call it "Building a business."

But honestly, if I thought more of myself, I would have one of those suit & tie type gay ass guru sites for and SEO the heck out of my image results and beat my best friend there in Switzerland. Instead, try the query "Jamie Lewis" with Google and you might get which I own... But it features myself and Edawg dressed up as an Aids virus doing a mock clickbank sales video for STD Annihilation.

As you can see, years from now I would think this portfolio of sites, I am left with, although full of value would be seen as a giant parody of hyper capitalism.

I saw the Clickbank community on the other hand a marketplace of small business owners and other people like myself who created intellectual property. And if I had never bought that "Get rich quick" ebook to begin with I would have never learned how to get my music out there.

After selling over 30,000 memberships to Beats365 in those first couple years, hundreds of thousands of songs were made with my instrumentals.

I hear my music all over the place now as background music, mixtapes, porn music, random videos on youtube and on radio and TV all the time.

The irony runs so deep as you can probably tell since the money was real. The blood sweat and tears I put into this business are downloaded on a day to day basis, even though half of it is leaked by merman354 on

This is one of my common late night conversations that I have with my girls in the VIP section of Crazy Horse 3 Strip Club, Vegas on the importance of gratuity.

I guess now you can use this newly updated chronicle to judge for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my story and learned a bit about niche sites and ebusiness. Feel free to leave a comment, give me a hard time, whatever you like. Let me know! I will look forward to hearing from you.

But if you are saying to yourself, "I didn't learn anything here!" I will elaborate once more...


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